Philo is a popular live TV streaming service that offers a robust Shows, movies, and 70+ live channels at an affordable price. Many Samsung Smart TV owners use the Philo app to stream live channels and on-demand content on their TVs. However, some users report issues with the Philo app not working properly on Samsung TVs. 

The main causes for Philo not working on Samsung Smart TVs are: software bugs, app compatibility problems, internet connectivity issues, system overload, account/subscription problems, and rare hardware faults.

Here at Smart Home Apt, we shall look into a few steps you can take to resolving Philo app issues.



How to fix Philo App Not Working on Samsung Smart TV ?

1. Ensure that your Samsung TV is compatible with Philo streaming services

To use the Philo TV app, your Samsung Smart TV must be from 2017 or later and running the Tizen operating system. You can find the year and OS version of your Samsung TV by visiting their website.

If you have a Samsung TV that was released before 2017, you should consider getting a streaming stick instead of replacing the TV. It is a more cost-effective and simpler solution.

You can easily access Philo on any type of TV (smart or not) by adding a Fire TV Stick or Roku streaming stick. Both of these are user-friendly and provide access to the most popular streaming applications.


2. Restart or Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

Most issues with apps can be resolved by restarting the software; it is a common fix for software glitches. Turning the program off and then back on again is often the best way to solve any problems.

The simplest way to restart apps on a Samsung TV is by powering off the TV completely. To do this, press the power button on the remote, but instead of choosing 'Standby' mode, select 'Power Off'. This will shut down the TV and force a restart of the apps.

Two methods exist for restarting a Samsung TV: one is to disconnect it from the power source, wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in; the other is to press the power button on the remote control.


To Restart your TV using the remote:
  • Ensure that your TV is not in standby mode before proceeding. 
  • While keeping the power button of your remote pressed, turn your TV off. 
  • Keep the power button held down until the television turns back on. 
  • Once the power is back on, press the Home button and open Philo app.


To Restart your TV manually:
  • Disconnect the power cable of your TV from the electrical socket or surge protector.
  • Give it two minutes.
  • Reattach the power cable to the outlet and switch the TV on.
  • Hit the Home button.
  • Finally, Select Philo app.


Power cycling is the same as the recommendation given by IT professionals to fix computer issues: turning it off and then back on again. This process restarts all the applications and the TV operating system.


3. Test Your Internet Connection Speed

Buffering issues with Philo TV and other video streaming apps can be caused by slow internet connection. In some cases, the internet speed may be insufficient for connecting to the Philo servers.

To check your internet speed, you can run a Online Speed Test on your computer or phone. Make sure that the device you're using is connected to the same network as your TV. If you're running the test on your phone, make sure to turn off mobile data and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

For standard streaming or HD, you must have a minimum of 3-4 Mbps and 5-8 Mbps, respectively. If your connection speeds are slower than that, you should take the below steps to improve it:

  • Investigate any potential sources of interference that may be disrupting your router and TV connection, such as too many walls between them. 
  • Reboot your router amd modem to see if that resolves the issue (see the next tip).
  • If the issue persists, reach out to your internet provider to see if there are any network issues or if an upgrade is necessary.


4. Reboot your router amd modem

It is possible that the difficulty lies with the local Wi-Fi network, rather than the TV or the Philo app itself.

Rather than spending time attempting to identify and fix possible network issues, it’s more efficient to restart your network on a regular basis. This will help to ensure that your network remains running optimally. Aim to restart your network once a month.

Before beginning, ensure that no one in the household is presently accessing the internet. The reboot will temporarily disrupt network and internet connections for around 5 minutes.

Alright, let's begin.

  • Disconnect the power cable from your router and modem.
  • Allow 30 seconds to pass.
  • Reconnect the power cables.
  • Wait a few minutes for the modem and router to turn on.


After reconnecting your TV to the network, attempt to launch the Philo TV app. If your internet speeds were sluggish when you previously tested them, now is an ideal opportunity to run another test. Restarting your router can often improve speeds temporarily, yet it won't repair all underlying issues.


5. Perform Samsung TV Firmware Update

Updating the firmware on your TV may help to address any issues you are having with its apps, similar to how updating apps can improve their functioning.

Although Samsung smart TVs generally update themselves, they offer the option to manually initiate a firmware update in case the automatic process failed without notifying the user. This is a useful feature to have.

To update your Samsung TV:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control to open the Smart Hub. 
  • Navigate to the Settings in the Smart Hub menu.
  • Then select the Software Update tab. 
  • Click Update Now and wait for the download to complete. 
  • Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.


After the firmware is updated, give the Philo TV app another attempt.


6. Empty the Cache for Your Philo App

Rather than Installing the app again, Samsung TVs offer the option to clear an app's cache. This is similar to deleting the cookies from your internet browser and can usually fix any unforeseen issues with the app.

Do the below:

  • Using the remote control of your Samsung TV, press the Home button to access the Smart Hub menu. 
  • Navigate to the Settings section.
  • Then select the Apps tab. 
  • Click System Apps and find the Philo TV app
  • Click the Clear Cache option and press OK to confirm.


7. Delete and install the Philo App again

Sometimes clearing the cache doesn't fix app glitches, and in those cases a full reinstall is necessary. To do this, you must delete the app and then reinstall it.


To uninstall the Philo TV App from your Samsung TV:
  • Press the Home button on the remote. 
  • Choose Apps from the on-screen menu.
  • Then select Settings
  • Navigate to the Philo TV App and select Delete
  • Confirm by pressing Delete in the pop-up.


To Reinstall the Philo TV app on your Samsung TV:
  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Then, select Apps from the on-screen menu.
  • Select the Search icon (magnifying glass), type in Philo TV in the search box.
  • Now, press the Install button.


Try the Philo app once more and enter your login details, as they will not be saved from your previous installation.


8. Disable Your VPN (if applicable)

If you are utilizing a virtual private network (VPN), this step applies to you. If you are unaware of what a VPN is, it is likely that you are not using one.

Most video applications and streaming services attempt to block traffic from virtual private networks (VPN). If Philo TV has managed to block your VPN, you may not be able to access your streaming content. To determine if this is the case, the simplest way to test it is to temporarily disable your VPN and try using Philo App again.


9. See if You Can Access Philo on a Different Device

Before we take our final steps, let's check to see if the issue is affecting other devices on your network. Why don't you try opening Philo TV on your computer or any other device?

If Philo is not functioning on any of your devices, you should first reach out to Philo support to see if the issue is with your Philo account or with Philo's servers. If Philo is working on other devices but not your TV, Contact Samsung support.


10. Find out the status of the Philo Server

By utilizing Downdetector, you can see if other people in your vicinity are experiencing difficulties with Philo TV. Generally, Philo interruptions are localized and are resolved rapidly.

If you have been unable to locate any data on Downdetector, it is likely wise to get in touch with Philo Support for further information. You can also check their Official Support Twitter Page for the most accurate and recent details.


11. Perform Samsung TV Factory Reset

We've exhausted all basic solutions, so let's attempt one final option: factory resetting your TV. This will remove all of your TV's settings, including those related to the Philo TV app. Although this will delete all of your settings and app data, it could potentially solve any streaming app issues.

To do this:

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV's remote control to open the Smart Hub. 
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and open the General tab (or Support -> Self Diagnosis on some TVs). 
  • Select the Reset option and, if prompted, enter your personal pin or the default of 0000
  • Finally, confirm the reset process by clicking OK.


Now, Run the Philo app one more time to see if the software or firmware issues which were preventing its use on your Samsung TV have been fixed.


In fact, Philo not working on your Samsung Smart TV can often be fixed by trying a few troubleshooting steps at home. Start by restarting your TV and Philo app, updating the app to the latest version, and reinstalling the app if needed. Make sure your TV software, Wi-Fi connection, and Philo account are working properly.

Performing a power cycle can refresh the entire TV system and usually resolves many software-related issues.


With some patience and systematic troubleshooting, you can get the Philo app up and running again on your Samsung television. Philo and Samsung also regularly release software updates to enhance compatibility, fix bugs, and improve performance, so be sure to install any available updates for the best experience using Philo on your Samsung Smart TV. 

Following a process of elimination by addressing each possible cause is the most effective way to fix problems with streaming apps on smart TVs.


Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips help you in resolving issues with Philo on your Samsung TV. 



Possible causes for the Philo app not working on Samsung Smart TVs includes:

  • Software bugs: There may be bugs in the Samsung TV software or the Philo app that are causing compatibility issues. Software bugs are common and updating the Philo app and Samsung TV software usually fixes these bugs.
  • App compatibility issues: The Philo app may have compatibility problems with certain Samsung TV models. The app is updated frequently to add support for more TV models, so updating the app can often address these compatibility problems. In some cases, Philo may need to issue an update to specifically address compatibility with select TV models.
  • Internet connectivity: For the Philo app to function, it requires a consistent and fast internet connection. If your TV is not connected to the internet or is facing Wi-Fi signal problems, it can cause the Philo app to not work properly or at all. Make sure your TV has a working network connection.
  • System resources overload: The Philo app requires system resources like storage, memory, and processing power to work smoothly on Samsung TVs. If your TV has limited resources or too many apps open, it may cause the Philo app to crash or freeze. Restarting your TV can free up resources and fix this issue.
  • Account or subscription issues: There may be issues with your Philo login credentials or subscription that is causing problems accessing content on your Samsung TV. Make sure your Philo subscription is active and double check that you are using the correct login email and password on your TV.
  • Hardware issues: In rare cases, there may be an underlying hardware issue with your Samsung TV that is causing software problems with the Philo app. If the problem persists after trying all the software related steps, it may indicate a hardware fault. You may need to have your TV serviced to diagnose and resolve any hardware issues.


21 Fixes for Philo Not Working on Samsung Smart TV includes:


1. Restart your Samsung TV. A simple restart can refresh the software and fix minor glitches. Unplug the TV for 2 minutes and plug it back in.


2. Restart your Wi-Fi router. If streaming is not working for other apps also, a router restart may help. Unplug the router for 2 minutes and then plug it back in.


3. Check your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure your TV has a strong Wi-Fi signal. You may need to reposition your router or use Wi-Fi extenders.


4. Restart your Philo app. Close the Philo app and open it again to refresh it. If it does not open, you may need to uninstall and reinstall it.


5. Update the Philo app. Outdated apps often have bugs and compatibility issues. Update your Philo app to the latest version.


6. Reinstall the Philo app. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Philo app can reset it and resolve software problems. Delete the app and install the latest version.


7. Update your Samsung TV software. Outdated TV software also causes streaming issues. Go to your TV settings and check for software updates. Install any available updates.


8. Power cycle your TV. Unplug the TV for 5 minutes to do a hard reset. Power cycling reloads the software and firmware and usually fixes software bugs.


9. Double check your Philo credentials. Make sure you are entering your correct Philo email and password on the TV app. Re-enter your credentials to sign in.


10. Check your Philo subscription. If your Philo subscription has expired, the service will not work. Renew your Philo subscription to activate streaming.


11. Disable and re-enable the Philo app. Go to Apps or Smart Hub on your TV and disable the Philo app. Then re-enable it to refresh the installation.


12. Clear the app data and cache. Clearing app data and cache can free up resources and fix software issues. See if you have this option for the Philo app on your Samsung TV.


13. Uninstall recent apps on your TV. Other recently installed apps could be creating compatibility or resource issues. Try uninstalling other streaming services you recently added.


14. Disable and re-enable Samsung Apps Store. Disabling and re-enabling the Samsung App store may reset some software components and fix issues with installed streaming apps like Philo.


15. Perform a hard factory reset. If software issues persist, you may need to perform a hard factory reset of your Samsung TV to default settings. This will wipe all data and refresh the entire system before you reinstall the Philo app. Make this a last resort, as you will need to reinstall and sign in to all apps.


16. Check if other streaming apps work. Try using other streaming apps like YouTube or Netflix. If they also do not work, it indicates a software or network issue. If it is only Philo, it points to an issue specific to the Philo app or your Philo account.


17. Test Philo on another device. Try accessing Philo on your smartphone, tablet or streaming device. If Philo works on other devices, it confirms the issue is specific to your Samsung TV. Philo support can then further diagnose compatibility problems with your TV model.


18. Contact your internet service provider. If resetting your Wi-Fi router does not help, contact your ISP to report streaming problems on multiple devices. They can check for any issues with your internet connection and also send any software updates specific to their Wi-Fi equipment.


19. Contact Samsung support. For persistent issues, you may need to contact Samsung support via to dig deeper into potential software or hardware problems on your specific TV model. They can diagnose if the TV needs servicing or if the problem can be resolved through troubleshooting.


20. Contact Philo support. Philo support via can check if your TV model is officially supported and also diagnose any account or subscription issues preventing access to Philo on your Samsung TV. They work directly with Samsung and can report any app compatibility problems if needed.


21. Hardware repair. As a last step, it may be required to have a technician service your Samsung TV to fix any potential hardware issues causing software problems with the Philo streaming service and other apps. If your TV is under warranty, contact Samsung for repair options.