Hayu is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of reality TV shows. It's available on a variety of devices, including Samsung Smart TVs. 

However, sometimes Hayu can stop working on Samsung Smart TVs. 


A weak internet connection, Outdated Hayu app, Software glitches, Account or subscription issues, Server-side problems can be potential causes for experiencing problems with streaming Hayu.


If you're experiencing this issue, don't worry - there are a few things we have looked into you can try to fix it.


How to fix Hayu App Not Working on Samsung Smart TV ?


1. Ensure Your Samsung TV Is Compatible With Hayu App

To use the Hayu app, you must have a Samsung smart TV model from 2017 or later, running Samsung's Tizen OS. The year and operating system version of your Samsung TV can be found on their website.

For Samsung TV made before 2017, your best bet is to either purchase a new TV or include a streaming stick. However, Adding a streaming stick is a more affordable and simpler solution.

Hayu can be enjoyed on any kind of television, whether it be smart or not, by attaching either a Fire TV Stick or a Roku streaming stick. Both of these devices are easy to operate and come with all of the major streaming applications.


2. Restart or Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

App issues can typically be solved by a simple reboot; this is a common practice for software problems. Often, random software errors are the culprit for app problems, so turning it off and on again is the best way to resolve them.

Pressing the power button on the remote will not completely turn off the Samsung TV; it merely puts it in standby mode, meaning the active app will not be restarted. The simplest method to restart the apps is to restart the whole TV. 

A Samsung TV can be restarted in two distinct ways.


To Restart your TV using the remote:
  • Ensure your TV is not in standby mode.
  • Press the remote's power button and hold it until the power is back on.
  • Press the Home button and launch Hayu app you desired to restart.


To Restart your TV manually:
  • Unplug your TV's power cable from the wall outlet or surge protector. 
  • Allow two minutes to pass before plugging it back in. 
  • Turn the TV on and press the Home button.
  • Finally, and select Hayu app you were trying to restart.


It may be wise to hold on to these instructions; a proper restart can often fix a lot of TV issues. 


3. Determine Your Internet Speed

Buffering issues on Hayu and other streaming apps may be caused by a slow internet connection, and in the most severe cases, the internet may be too slow or unreliable to even link to the Hayu servers.

To determine your internet speed, you can do a test on either your computer or phone. Just make sure the device is linked to your television's network. If it's your phone, don't forget to turn off mobile data and only use Wi-Fi.

For standard streaming, you must have speeds of 3–4 Mbps, and if you want HD streaming you'll need speeds of 5–8 Mbps. If your speed is lower than that, you have to:

  • Look for obstructions that may be causing interference (such as too many walls between the router and the TV). 
  • Perform a restart of your router and modem (per the next section). 
  • Reach out to your internet service provider to determine if there are any system difficulties or if an upgrade is mandatory.


4. Restart your router and modem

The issue more often than not lies within your local Wi-Fi network, instead of the Hayu app or your TV.

Instead of attempting to investigate any possible network issues, restarting the whole network is simpler and more efficient; moreover, you should reboot the network regularly every month or so to ensure its optimal performance. 

Ensure that no one in your home is using the internet before continuing, as the reboot will temporarily disconnect all networks and internet services for around five minutes.

  • Begin by unplugging the power cables from the modem and router. 
  • After that, wait for 30 seconds. 
  • Subsequently, reconnect the power cables. 
  • Finally, wait a few minutes for the modem and router to power up.


Once your TV is linked back to the network, see if the Hayu app will launch. If your network speeds were slow when tested previously, run another test now. Restarting the router can give you a brief speed boost, but it won't fix all underlying problems.


5. Perform Samsung TV Firmware Update

Firmware updates can be analogous to app updates, as they may help to resolve any difficulties with your TV app.

Samsung smart TVs come with the convenience of automatic updates, but also offer a manual option to force a firmware update in case the automatic one fails. Though not essential, this is a beneficial feature to have.

  • Start by pressing the Home button on your Samsung TV's remote control to open the smart hub. 
  • Subsequently, choose the Settings option in the smart hub menu.
  • Select the Software Update tab. 
  • After clicking Update Now.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Install the update by following the given on-screen instructions.


After the firmware has been upgraded, attempt to use the Hayu app again.


6. Clear the Cache of Your Hayu App

Samsung TVs offer an alternative to reinstalling an app - they allow you to clear an app's cache, which is similar to deleting the cookies in an internet browser. In many cases, this will fix any sudden glitches that the app may be experiencing.

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote to access the smart hub. 
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to the Apps tab.
  • Then, go to System Apps
  • Locate the Hayu app and select it. 
  • Click Clear Cache.
  • Press OK to confirm.


7. Delete and Install the Hayu App again

Most app glitches are solved by clearing the cache, but for a full reinstall you have to delete the app and install it again.


To remove the Hayu App from your Samsung TV:
  • Begin by pressing the Home button on the remote. 
  • From the menu, select Apps.
  • Then click Settings.
  • Find the Hayu App. 
  • Select Delete and confirm by pressing Delete in the pop-up.


To reinstall the Hayu app:
  • Begin by pressing the Home button on the remote for your Samsung TV. 
  • After selecting Apps from the on-screen menu, look for the Search icon (the magnifying glass) in the Apps screen. 
  • Type Hayu in the search box.
  • Press the Install button to finish.


You will need to Input your login information again for the Hayu app, since it won't keep your details from the prior install.


8. Turn Off Your VPN if applicable

If you use a virtual private network (VPN), this step is for you. If you don't know what a VPN is, then you are likely not using one. 

Blocks on VPN traffic are a common issue with video apps and streaming services, including Hayu. 

To find out if this is the reason you can't access your streaming content, turn off your VPN and try connecting Hayu app once more.


9. Give Hayu a go on a different device

Before we move onto our most drastic solution, let's investigate how far-reaching the problem is by accessing Hayu on your computer or any other device on your network.

If Hayu is functional on all your devices except your TV, then it is time to reach out to Samsung support. 

Otherwise, If Hayu isn't running on any of your devices, the issue may stem from either your Hayu account or Hayu's servers.


10. Investigate the Hayu Server's Status

By making use of DownDetector, you can determine if other people in your area are having problems with Hayu. Generally, Hayu outages are localized and can be swiftly fixed.

If DownDetector doesn't have any information about an outage, you can contact Hayu support for more up-to-date information.


11. Reset your Samsung TV to its factory settings

We’ve tried everything else, so it's time to factory reset your TV. This will erase all of your settings, including those for the Hayu app. However, it might fix your streaming app problems by erasing all of the settings and app data.

To do this:

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV's remote control.
  • Navigate to Settings > General (or Support > Self Diagnosis on some TVs).
  • Select Reset.
  • Enter your PIN or the default of 0000.
  • Click OK to confirm the reset process.


Relaunch the Hayu app. This should have resolved any software or firmware issues that were preventing the app from running on your Samsung TV.


How to watch Hayu on my Samsung TV for free ?

If you have a Samsung TV from 2017 - 2021, then you have access to Hayu, so why not sign up and get a free trial ? 

All you need is a new Hayu account to get started.


To access the Hayu app on your Samsung TV box, you must first pair your Samsung TV device with your Hayu account. 


How to pair Hayu App to my Samsung Smart TV ?
  • Launch the Hayu app on your Samsung TV box.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, click "Sign in".
  • unique pairing code will be displayed on the page. This code is required to pair your device with your account. Please write it down or copy it somewhere safe.
  • To link your device to your Hayu account, go to Hayu.com/myaccount/pairtvapp and log in with your credentials. 
  • Input your pair code and select 'Pair TV App'. 
  • Your Samsung TV will then refresh and you will be logged in to your account.


Remember, your pairing code will only be valid for 15 minutes. If you don't finish the pairing process within that period, you need to sign out the app and then sign in again to get a new pairing code.


In fact, there are various reasons why you may face issues with accessing Hayu on your Samsung Smart TV, including internet problems, software bugs, account issues or server-side problems. The troubleshooting steps covered in the article should help resolve the most common causes and get your Hayu streaming working again.

Updating the Hayu app to the latest version and reinstalling if needed fixes most software-related issues. Performing a reset of your Samsung Smart TV will refresh the entire system and apps to default settings, which resolves many technical bugs or glitches. Checking your internet connection and router is an easy first step, as streaming problems often come down to connectivity issues.


With the widespread use of streaming services on smart TVs and streaming devices today, technical problems can arise from time to time. But in most cases, issues with streaming services can be resolved fairly quickly using the self-help tips provided in this guide. 


Here are 21 possible fixes for resolving Hayu not working on Samsung Smart TV:


1. Restart router and modem
  • Unplug the power cables for your router and modem.
  • Wait 2 minutes and plug them back in.
  • Let devices restart completely.
  • Check if Hayu is now working on your Samsung TV.


2. Restart Samsung Smart TV
  • Use the power button on your TV remote to restart your TV.
  • Wait for TV to fully shut down and restart again.
  • This restarts the smart TV software and all installed apps.
  • See if restart resolved the issue with Hayu.


3. Update Samsung TV software
  • Go to "Settings" on your Samsung TV and select "Support".
  • Choose "Software Update" and select "Update now".
  • Follow prompts to install any available updates to the latest TV version.
  • Recheck Hayu app to see if the update resolved your issue.


4. Update Hayu app
  • Open the Samsung App Store on your TV.
  • Select "My Apps" or find the Hayu app in the listings.
  • Choose "Update app" or similar option to install the latest Hayu update.
  • The update may contain a fix for any streaming issues you were facing.


5. Uninstall/Reinstall Hayu app
  • Go to Samsung App Store and select the Hayu app.
  • Choose "Uninstall" or "Delete app" to uninstall the current version.
  • Then reinstall the Hayu app from the Samsung App Store.
  • Sign in to your Hayu account again in the freshly installed app.
  • This resets the app and resolves most software related issues.


6. Reset Samsung Smart TV to factory settings
  • Go to "Settings" - "Support" - "Self Diagnosis" - "Reset".
  • Choose "Reset to Initial Settings" to reset TV to default factory settings.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm and your TV will reset and restart.
  • You will have to set up the TV from scratch and reinstall any apps.
  • Factory reset resolves most software bugs and glitches to fix issues like streaming problems.


7. Switch to Ethernet connection
  • Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the Ethernet port on your Samsung TV.
  • Go to "Settings" - "Network" and select "Wired" for the network connection.
  • Choose your network and enter any required password to connect.
  • Wired network provides faster, more stable connectivity which can help resolve streaming issues.


8. Restart streaming device
  • Unplug the power cable for your streaming box or stick and wait 30 seconds.
  • Plug the power back in and wait for the device to fully restart.
  • Try accessing Hayu again to see if the restart resolved any temporary software glitches.


9. Update streaming device software
  • Go to the settings or menu for your streaming device.
  • Select "About", "System update" or similar option to check for any available updates.
  • Install the latest update which contains latest software, security patches and bug fixes.
  • The update may resolve any streaming issues you're facing.


10. Reset streaming device to factory default
  • In the settings for your streaming box or stick, select “Reset” or “Factory reset” option.
  • Follow prompts to confirm factory reset and device will restart with default settings.
  • Set up your streaming device from scratch including any accounts logins and app installations.
  • Factory reset will resolve most streaming issues caused by software bugs or glitches.


11. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Call your ISP's customer support or tech support number to report issues with streaming on your Samsung TV.
  • Explain the troubleshooting steps you have taken so they are aware of current situation.
  • ISP can check for any network connectivity problems including router, modem or internet subscription issues and resolve them their end.
  • They may also refresh network signal or boost Wi-Fi coverage which can help fix streaming problems.


12. Renew Hayu subscription
  • Log in to your Hayu account via the website or Hayu app on your phone.
  • Under the Subscription or Plans section, select to renew your current subscription plan.
  • Enter payment info and renew sub - if your sub has expired, you lose access to the streaming service.
  • Renewing or reactivating your sub will restore your Hayu streaming access.


13. Update payment method
  • Login to Hayu account and select Billing or Payment options.
  • Remove any expired payment method or cards from your account.
  • Add a new valid payment method such as credit card or PayPal.
  • Failure to renew payment method can suspend streaming service temporarily until updated.
  • Adding a working payment method will restore your Hayu streaming access.


14. Restart Hayu on another device
  • Open the Hayu app on another streaming device like Roku or Fire TV, or on your mobile.
  • Restart the Hayu app by closing and reopening the app.
  • Try streaming content to see if issue is limited to your Samsung TV.
  • If streaming works on other devices, it indicates the problem lies with your Samsung TV software or network connection.


15. Sign out and sign back in to Hayu app
  • Open the Hayu app on your Samsung TV and select to sign out of the current account.
  • Wait a few minutes and then sign back in with your email and password.
  • This will refresh your login info and account access which can resolve any authorization issues.


16. Use a VPN to bypass content restrictions
  • Some shows on Hayu may be geo-restricted to streaming in certain regions or countries.
  • Using a VPN allows you to bypass such regional streaming restrictions by masking your location.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the allowed location for that content and restart the Hayu app.
  • You should now be able stream the previously restricted shows. Issue resolved!


17. Check Hayu service status
  • Visit https://support.hayu.com/ and also check for the Server status via https://downdetector.com/status/hayu/.
  • This will tell you if Hayu is currently experiencing any issues with their streaming service.
  • If there is an ongoing outage or technical problem, streaming may be temporarily unavailable.
  • You will have to wait for Hayu to resolve any server-side issues and restore service to access streaming.


18. Reset Hayu password
  • Login to hayu.com and select "Account" then "Password & Security".
  • Select "Change Password" and enter current password, then new password twice.
  • Resetting password will sign you out of existing sessions and secure your account.
  • Try signing in to Hayu on Samsung TV again with the new password.
  • Password reset can resolve issues caused by an account hack or compromise.


19. Add Samsung TV as authorized device (if required)
  • Some streaming services require you to authorize specific streaming devices to use the account.
  • Login to hayu.com and check if you need to add your Samsung Smart TV as an authorized device.
  • Go to Account > Authorized Devices and select "Add Device".
  • Enter the code displayed on your Samsung TV screen or activate the device through the website.
  • Ensure your Samsung TV is on the list of authorized devices so you can access streaming.


20. Try Hayu streaming on your phone
  • Open the Hayu app on your iPhone or Android mobile device.
  • Try streaming any show to check if the issue is limited to your Samsung TV.
  • If streaming works fine on your phone, it indicates the issue lies with your TV software, network or streaming device.
  • This helps to narrow down the possible causes before doing more advanced troubleshooting.


21. Contact Hayu support
  • Call Hayu customer service at https://support.hayu.com/?lang=en-GB or contact them through live chat on hayu.com or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/hayuhelps?lang=en.
  • Explain your streaming issues on Samsung Smart TV in detail including all troubleshooting steps tried.
  • Provide any error messages displayed and details of your Hayu subscription.
  • Hayu support can diagnose problems with your account as well as any technical issues with their service.
  • They will work to restore your access to Hayu streaming and resolve your issue.


Here's hoping you are able to get your Hayu streaming working on your Samsung TV again soon!