Samsung Smart TVs offer an easy way to stream Spotify music directly to your TV. You can enjoy Spotify's huge catalog of songs and playlists on the big screen in your living room. 

However, some users have reported issues with the Spotify app not working properly on their Samsung TV. 

Here at Smart Home Apt, you will learn a few things you can try to fix Spotify not working on your Samsung Smart TV.



Possible causes for Spotify not working on Samsung Smart TV:

  • Outdated Spotify or TV Software: The Spotify app or your Samsung TV software may be out of date, causing issues with connectivity or playback. Be sure to check for and install any available updates.
  • Spotify Account Issues: There could be a problem with your Spotify account preventing the Samsung TV app from signing in properly. Try signing out and back in to your Spotify account on the TV. You may also need to update your account password.
  • TV Storage Space: If your Samsung TV is low on storage space, it can affect the performance of streaming apps like Spotify. You may need to clear your TV's cache and data to free up more storage room.
  • Internet Connection Problems: Issues with your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection will prevent Spotify from working on your Samsung TV. Check your TV's network settings and router to troubleshoot any connectivity problems. Restarting the router often helps.
  • Incompatible TV Model: Spotify may not be officially supported on older Samsung TV models, which can cause the app to not function properly or at all. Check Spotify's list of compatible Samsung TVs to see if your model will support the Spotify app.
  • TV Software Corruption: Rarely, the actual Samsung TV software can become corrupted, preventing streaming apps and services from working. If other apps are also not functioning, you may need to reset your TV to factory defaults to fix the software. But this will erase all settings and installed apps, so it should only be done as a last resort.
  • Hardware Issues: Physical issues with your Samsung TV like a malfunctioning processor, memory module or network adapter can sometimes cause problems running apps like Spotify. If a factory reset does not help, it's best to have the TV serviced by a Samsung technician to diagnose and repair any hardware problems.
  • Spotify App Glitches: On occasion, there may be temporary glitches with the Spotify app itself that affects certain Samsung TV models. Closing and reopening the Spotify app or performing a force stop may help resolve any Spotify app issues.


How to fix Spotify app not working on Samsung Smart TV ?

1. Ensure that your Samsung TV is compatible with Spotify

Samsung smart TVs released in 2017 or later, which run the Tizen OS, are compatible with the Spotify app. To find out the year and operating system version of your TV, go to the Samsung website.

If you have a Samsung TV prior to 2017, a streaming stick is an economical and convenient way to upgrade it rather than replacing it.

You can easily access Spotify on any TV, whether it is smart or not, by adding a Fire TV Stick or a Roku streaming stick. Both devices are user-friendly and provide access to all of the major streaming apps.


2. Power Cycle the Samsung TV

If you experience an issue with your app, it is likely due to a software glitch. To resolve the issue, try restarting the software. This simple troubleshooting technique often helps to resolve software problems.

To restart Samsung TV apps, the easiest way is to fully turn off the TV. To do this, hold down the power button on your remote for at least 10 seconds. This will completely power off the TV and force it to restart, which will also restart any apps that were active.

Two methods exist for restarting a Samsung TV.


To Restart your TV using the remote:
  • Ensure that your TV is not in standby mode and is on. 
  • Hold down the power button on your remote until the TV turns off and then powers back on. 
  • Afterwards, press the Home button, and launch the Spotify app.


To Restart your TV manually:
  • Disconnect the power cable from the wall socket or surge protector connected to your TV.
  • Allow a two minute delay.
  • Reconnect the power and turn the TV on.
  • Press the Home button on the remote control.
  • Choose the Spotify app.


Give the Spotify app another go. If it's still not working, it might be helpful to keep these instructions close by; a simple restart can often fix common TV issues.


3. Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Spotify and other video and streaming apps may suffer from buffering issues due to slow internet speeds. In the most severe cases, these apps may not be able to connect to the Spotify servers at all because of the inadequate or unreliable internet connection.

You can check the speed of your internet connection by performing an Internet Speed Test on your computer or phone. Ensure that the device you are using is on the same network as your TV. Additionally, if you are using your phone, make sure to turn off your mobile data and only connect to Wi-Fi.

If your internet connection speed is lower than 0.5 Mbps for music streaming, 3-4 Mbps for standard video, and 5-8 Mbps for HD video, you should consider doing the following to improve it:

  • Investigate potential sources of interference, such as too many walls between the router and the TV. 
  • Reboot the router and modem (see the next tip for further instructions). 
  • Consult your internet provider to determine if there are any network issues or if you require an upgrade.


4. Reboot the router and modem

It is possible that the issue lies with your local Wi-Fi network, rather than the TV or Spotify application.

Rather than spending time attempting to identify and solve individual network issues, it is often simpler to restart the entire network. Doing so on a monthly basis can help optimize network performance.

Prior to beginning, ensure that no one in your home is currently connected to the internet. This reboot process will temporarily disconnect all internet and network activity for approximately five minutes.

Let's begin! 

  • Disconnect the power cables from your router and modem. 
  • Allow 30 seconds to pass. 
  • Reconnect the power cables and wait a few minutes for the modem and router to turn on.


Once your TV is reconnected to the network, attempt to open the Spotify app. If the network speeds were sluggish when you tested them before, now would be a great opportunity to run the test again. Restarting the router may temporarily increase the internet speeds, but it won't fix any deeper issues.


5. Perform Samsung TV Firmware Update

Firmware updates can often be a remedy for TV app difficulties, similar to how app updates work.

Samsung smart TVs regularly update themselves, however they also provide users with the opportunity to manually prompt a firmware update if the automatic one fails to inform you. This is a helpful feature to have on hand, just in case.


To update your Samsung TV:
  • Use the remote control to press the Home button and open the smart hub. 
  • Select Settings in the menu.
  • Then go to the Software Update tab. 
  • Click Update Now, and wait for the download to finish. 
  • Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.


After updating the firmware, attempt to use the Spotify app again.


6. Delete the Cache Data from Your Spotify App

Rather than reinstalling the app, Samsung TVs provide the option to clear an app's cache, similar to deleting cookies in a web browser. This can often resolve random issues.


To clear the cache for the Spotify app on your Samsung TV:
  • Press the Home button on the remote control to access the Smart Hub. 
  • Then, click Settings in the Smart Hub menu, and select the Apps tab. 
  • Next, click System Apps, find the Spotify app, and click Clear Cache
  • Finally, press OK to confirm your selection.


7. Delete and reinstall the Spotify app

If clearing the cache doesn't fix your app glitches, you may need to fully reinstall it. To do this, you must delete the app and then install it again.


To uninstall the Spotify app from your Samsung TV:
  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Select Apps from the on-screen menu.
  • Click Settings and navigate to the Spotify App.
  • Then select Delete
  • Confirm the deletion by pressing Delete in the pop-up.


To Reinstall Spotify on your Samsung TV:
  • Press the Home button on the remote.
  • Select Apps from the on-screen menu.
  • Then select the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the Apps screen. 
  • Type Spotify in the search box and press the Install button.


Attempt to use the Spotify app once more. You will have to provide your login credentials since they won't be transferred from the initial installation.


8. Turn Off VPN if applicable

Most video applications and streaming services attempt to block VPNs. 

If Spotify has been successful in blocking your VPN, you probably won't be able to access streaming content. To check if this is the case, simply turn off the VPN and try connecting again.


9. Experiment with Spotify on a Different Device

If Spotify isn't functioning correctly on any of your devices, it might be an issue with your Spotify account or with Spotify's servers. 

However, if Spotify is working on all of your other devices except your TV, it may be time to reach out to Samsung support for assistance.


10. Find out the current status of the Spotify servers

By utilizing Downdetector, you can easily determine if Spotify is down in your area. Mostly, the outages are local and resolved quickly.

If you can't find anything on Downdetector, it’s probably time to Contact Spotify Support or check  Spotify support Twitter page for a for more up-to-date information.


11. Perform Factory Reset on Your TV 

It's time to attempt a last resort - a factory reset. This will wipe all settings and app data from your TV, including those for Spotify. Although this will erase all settings, it could be the solution to solving the streaming app problems.

To do this:

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV's remote to open the Smart Hub. 
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Then click on the General tab (or Support -> Self Diagnosis on some TVs). 
  • Select the Reset option and enter your pin or the default of 0000 if prompted. 
  • Finally, confirm the reset process by selecting OK.


Run the Spotify app again and see if this resolves any software or firmware issues that were stopping it from working on your Samsung TV.


With various troubleshooting techniques explained in this guide, you should be able to resolve most issues with Spotify not functioning on your Samsung Smart TV. Most connectivity or streaming issues with apps can be resolved with some basic troubleshooting techniques. Keep your system software, apps and accounts up to date and devices well maintained for the optimum functionality of your Samsung Smart TV and connected services.



Here are 20 methods for resolving Spotify problems on your Samsung television:


1. Restart your Samsung TV: A simple restart can fix many problems with streaming services and apps. Unplug your TV for at least 30 seconds and then power it back on. This will refresh the device and Spotify app.


2. Restart your Wi-Fi router: If Spotify isn't working due to internet connectivity issues, restarting your Wi-Fi router is a good first step. Unplug the router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in to reset the connection. Check that your TV is still connected to the Wi-Fi network after it restarts.


3. Update Samsung TV software: Go to the Support section in your TV settings and check for available software updates. Install the latest update, as it may contain fixes for issues affecting Spotify or other apps.


4. Update Spotify app: Similarly, the Spotify app itself may require an update to work properly with your Samsung TV. Open the Apps screen and check for an Update option for Spotify. Install any available updates to the Spotify app.


5. Sign out and sign back in: On the Spotify app, go to Settings and select Sign Out. Then sign back in with your Spotify username and password. This will reauthenticate the app and may resolve connectivity or login issues.


6. Uninstall and reinstall Spotify: If signing out and in does not work, you may need to uninstall Spotify from your TV and then reinstall it. Open the Apps screen, select Spotify and select Uninstall. Then reinstall the Spotify app and sign in again. This will refresh the installation and configuration.


7. Delete Spotify app data and cache: With Spotify uninstalled, go to Settings -> Apps -> See all. Find the Spotify entry and select Clear cache and Clear data to delete stored information. Then reinstall the Spotify app and sign in again with your account info.


8. Power cycle your TV: If the above steps do not work, try power cycling your Samsung TV to clear its memory and refresh the operating system. Unplug the TV for 2-3 minutes and then plug it back in. Once restarted, open the Spotify app and sign in to see if it's functioning properly.


9. Reset Network settings: Resetting your TV's network configuration can fix any issues with connectivity that may be impacting Spotify or other streaming services. Go to Settings -> Support -> Self Diagnosis -> Reset Smart Hub. Select Reset Network to default. Then set up your Wi-Fi connection again and check Spotify.


10. Disconnect and reconnect your TV: If power cycling does not work, physically disconnect your Samsung TV from power for at least 5 minutes. Then plug the TV back in and wait for it to fully reboot. Check the Spotify app again to see if it's functioning properly after disconnecting and reconnecting the power.


11. Disable Power Saving mode: Some Samsung TV models have a Power Saving feature that can affect streaming apps and services. Go to Settings -> General -> Eco Solution -> Power Saving and disable the option. Then check if Spotify is working normally. You can re-enable Power Saving mode later if desired.


12. Disable Screen Saver: As with Power Saving mode, the Screen Saver on your Samsung TV could potentially disrupt Spotify. Go to Settings -> General -> Eco Solution -> Screen Saver and disable the Screen Saver. See if Spotify is functioning properly now with Screen Saver mode off. You can turn it back on later after resolving Spotify issues.


13. Disable Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): The Anynet+ feature on Samsung TVs allows connected devices to control the TV. Rarely, this can interfere with streaming services. Go to Settings -> General -> External Device Manager -> Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) and disable the option. Check Spotify again to see if it's working properly now with Anynet+ disabled. Re-enable the feature afterward if needed.


14. Disable All Share Cast: The All Share Cast feature allows media streaming to your Samsung TV, but in some cases it can disrupt other streaming services. Go to Settings -> General -> External Device Manager -> All Share Cast and disable All Share Cast. See if Spotify is now functioning normally on your TV after disabling the feature. You can turn All Share Cast back on later if required.


15. Reset Smart Hub: Resetting the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV will refresh the interface and can fix any software issues that may be interfering with Spotify or other apps. Go to Settings -> Support -> Self Diagnosis -> Reset Smart Hub. Select Reset Settings to reset the Smart Hub only, keeping your stored content and apps installed. Then sign in to Spotify again to see if it's functioning properly.


16. Clear Spotify app cache and data: If uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app does not work, you can try clearing just the app's cache and data. Go to Settings -> Apps -> See all -> Spotify and select Clear cache and Clear data. Then open Spotify and sign in again to refresh the app's data. This can resolve connectivity or login issues with the Spotify app on your Samsung TV.


17. Disable VPN: If you have a VPN network set up on your Samsung TV, it can sometimes disrupt streaming services. Go to Settings -> Network -> VPN and disable the VPN connection. Then check if Spotify is working properly now with the VPN disabled. You can enable your VPN again later once Spotify issues have been resolved.


18. Disable IP control: Go to Settings -> Network -> Network status and disable IP control on your Samsung TV. This will set your network connection to automatic and can potentially fix any issues with accessing streaming services like Spotify. Check Spotify now to see if it's functioning properly after disabling IP control. You can re-enable it later if needed.


19. Reset DNS: Go to Settings -> Network -> Network status -> DNS setting and select Reset DNS to reset your TV's domain name system settings. This will refresh how your Samsung TV accesses the internet and may resolve any issues with Spotify or other streaming services. Try using Spotify again to see if the app is now functioning normally after resetting DNS.


20. Factory Reset your Samsung TV: As a last resort, you can perform a factory reset of your Samsung TV to restore default settings and fix any software issues that could be causing problems with Spotify or other apps. Go to Settings -> Support -> Self Diagnosis -> Reset Smart Hub -> Reset. This will erase all installed apps and settings, so only perform a factory reset if other solutions do not work. You will need to set up your TV, internet connection and reinstall streaming services after a reset.