The Redbox app allows you to rent and stream movies directly on your Vizio Smart TV. However, some users have reported issues with the Redbox app not working properly on their Vizio TV. 


Here at Smart Home Apt, we shall look into a few effective methods for resolving Redbox app streaming issues and get it working again.


How to fix Redbox App Not Working on Vizio Smart TV ?


1. Ensure the Redbox App and Vizio TV Are Compatible

The Redbox On Demand app can only be used with Vizio smart TV models from 2016 or more recent, which operate on the SmartCast OS. To determine the year of your Vizio TV, you can locate the model number in the TV's system menu, or on a sticker on the back of the TV. The model number is usually something like V60-K2. The model year is represented in the final letter of the code; D is 2016, E is 2017, F is 2018, and so forth.

For Vizio TVs from 2016 or earlier, you have to make a decision - either replace the television or get a streaming stick. The streaming stick is by far the more affordable and straightforward alternative.

With either a Fire TV Stick or a Roku streaming stick, you can easily watch Redbox on any television, smart or otherwise. Both devices include a variety of popular streaming apps. 


2. Restart or Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

Problems with apps can be due to the occasional random software malfunction of a TV. The most effective remedy for such software issues is to power off and then power on the device.

Even though you press the off button, your Vizio SmartCast TV will not shut down, but rather enter standby mode. This can speed up the process of turning it back on, however, it can also cause software issues over time.

To fully reboot your Vizio TV, all you need to do is:

  • Unplug it from the wall.
  • Wait two minutes.
  • Then plug it back in and turn it on. 

Doing so will often resolve any issues with the Redbox app. Keep these instructions in mind for future reference.


3. Determine Your Internet Speed

Buffering issues on Redbox On Demand and other streaming applications can be the result of slow internet connection. In severe cases, the internet may be too slow or unreliable to establish a connection to the Redbox servers.

When carrying out an internet speed test on either your computer or phone, make sure the device is connected to the same network as your TV. For your phone, that requires switching off mobile data and connecting only to Wi-Fi.

To stream in standard quality and HD, you must have a minimum internet speed of 3–4 Mbps and 5–8 Mbps respectively. If your connection is slower than these speeds, you must take the below steps to improve it:

  • Examine if there are too many walls between your router and television as a source of interference. 
  • Additionally, you may try rebooting your router and modem (check out the next tip).
  • Contact your internet provider to inquire about any network issues or whether an upgrade is required.


4. Restart Your Router and Modem

It is frequently the case that your local Wi-Fi network, rather than the TV or Redbox app, is the source of the issue.

Rather than spending time attempting to identify and resolve every single network issue, it is much simpler to simply restart the network, which should in most cases fix the problem. Additionally, restarting the network can help to ensure it is running optimally, so it is recommended to do this at least once a month. 

Prior to beginning, make sure no one in your household is currently on the internet. This reboot will cause all networks and internet connections to be suspended for approximately five minutes.

To begin:

  • Begin by unplugging the cables from your router and modem. 
  • After 30 seconds have passed, reattach the power cables.
  • Allow a few minutes for the modem and router to boot up completely.


After your TV reconnects to the network, give the Redbox On Demand app a try. If the speeds were low in your initial tests, now is the chance to try out another speed test. Restarting your router can temporarily raise the speed, but it won't be able to fix every underlying issue.


5. Perform Vizio TV Firmware Update

Firmware updates are often a quick fix for any troubles you may be having with your TV app, comparable to app updates.

Vizio SmartCast TVs come with an auto-update feature, but you also have the option of manually initiating a firmware update if needed. This can be a useful feature, especially if the automatic updates are disabled or don't inform you that they have failed.

To begin:

  • Using the remote, press either the V button or the home button.
  • Then select System from the menu. 
  • After that, press Check for Updates and wait until your TV finishes checking. 
  • Once it's done, confirm the update installation if one is available. 


After updating the firmware, give the Redbox On Demand app another try.


6. Delete the Cache on Your Redbox App

If your Vizio TV is more recent, you will not be able to upgrade or delete apps, but you do have the ability to clear the cache of an app. This is very similar to clearing the cookies in your web browser, and often times can help to fix any random issues that may arise in the app.

To begin:

  • Press either the V Button or Home Button on your remote.
  • Select System from the menu.
  • Navigate to Apps.
  • Click on System Apps.
  • Select Redbox On Demand.
  • Click Clear Cache.
  • Finally press OK.


Give the Redbox On Demand app another shot


7. Turn Off Your VPN if applicable

If you are utilizing a VPN, this step must be followed. If you have no idea what a VPN is, then you are likely not using one.

Most Video apps and streaming services attempt to restrict VPN traffic. If Redbox On Demand successfully blocks your VPN, you will most likely not be able to watch streaming content. To test this, turn off the VPN and try Redbox connection once more.


8. Give Redbox a Try on Another Device

We've already gone over every feasible solution with your TV. Let's investigate further before we move onto more extreme measures. Could you please try Redbox On Demand on your computer or any other device that is part of your network?

Therefore If Redbox is not working on your TV but is functioning properly on other devices, it is advisable to contact Vizio support.

In the event that Redbox is not functioning properly on any of your devices, the issue could be related to your Redbox account or Redbox's servers.


9. Determine the Status of the Redbox Server

Checking DownDetector can help you figure out if other local users are having issues with Redbox On Demand. In most cases, the Redbox outages are localized and quickly addressed.

It may be a good idea to contact Redbox support if you cannot find anything on DownDetector in order to receive more up-to-date information.


10. Perform Vizio TV Factory Reset

All of the straightforward solutions have been attempted, so we must now resort to a factory reset. This will clear out the settings from your television, including the preferences for the Redbox On Demand application. Even though this will delete all of the settings and data from the app, it could be the solution for the streaming technical difficulties.

To begin:

  • Push the V button or the Home button on your remote control. 
  • Navigate to the System tab on the menu.
  • Then head over to the Reset & Admin section. 
  • Click Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
  • Then, enter the parental code password (default is 0000 if you haven't changed it). 
  • Next press Reset
  • Allow a few minutes for the TV to complete the reset process and switch back on.


Make another attempt at launching the Redbox app; this should have remedied any software or firmware issues that were stopping it from working on your Vizio TV.


Steps for Watching Redbox on a VIZIO Smart TV

With VIZIO Smart TV, you can stream Redbox! We'll give you all the steps you need to take to sign up, download, and install Redbox, as well as tips on how to make the most of your VIZIO Smart TV while using Redbox.


How to watch Redbox for free ?

Founded in 2002, Redbox made its mark with its DVD kiosks. It has since expanded to a free ad-supported streaming platform with a selection of live streaming channels and on demand movies.


Users also have the opportunity to rent or buy movies through the platform. 

Redbox On Demand was launched in 2018, allowing viewers to access a more extensive array of movies and TV shows through video-on-demand.


Streaming rentals usually cost between $1.99 and $5.99, with the exception of early theatrical releases which cost $19.99. Purchases usually run from $9.99 to $19.99, with the possibility of discounts through movie bundle purchases. Older films, compared to new releases, often cost less.


What are the steps to register and get Redbox on a VIZIO Smart TV?

VIZIO Smart TVs come with Redbox natively, and for 2016+ models, you can stream to your TV using Google Cast.


For Redbox app on VIZIO Smart TV:
  • To sign up for Redbox, click here
  • After signing up, go to the Home Screen on your VIZIO Smart TV. 
  • Look for “Redbox” in the app store.
  • Select “Add to Home” to install it. 
  • Then, log in to the app using your Redbox credentials.
  • Now, you can watch Redbox through a VIZIO Smart TV.


For Google Cast:
  • Click here To join Redbox.
  • Then, you can either install the app on your iPhone/iPad or Android Phone/Tablet. 
  • Once downloaded, log in with your Redbox credentials.
  • Make sure your Smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Begin streaming the content from the Redbox app and select the Google Cast icon
  • Choose your VIZIO Smart TV and start displaying the content on the screen.


In fact, there are a few common steps you can try to fix issues with the Redbox app not working on your Vizio Smart TV. 

The first things to try are updating your TV's software and the Redbox app itself, as updates often include fixes for bugs and other issues. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Redbox app is also highly effective, as it gives you a fresh install of the app. Restarting your Vizio TV refreshes the entire system and can correct many temporary software glitches or hangs that may be causing problems.

With one of these steps, you should be able to resolve problems with the Redbox app on your Vizio Smart TV and get back to enjoying the latest movie rentals and streams.


Here are 20 fixes for Redbox App Not Working on Vizio Smart TV:


1. Check Vizio TV and Redbox app compatibility:
  • Go to Vizio support website and check if your specific Vizio TV model supports the Redbox app. If not, the app will not work on your TV.
  • Make sure your Vizio TV is running SmartCast OS version 3.0 or newer which is required for the Redbox app. You can check your TV software version in the System Information option in settings.


2. Restart your Vizio Smart TV:
  • Using the remote, select the Menu icon and go to 'System' - 'Restart'.
  • If that does not work, turn off your TV and unplug the power cable from the wall outlet for 2-3 minutes.
  • Plug the cable back in, turn on your TV and try accessing the Redbox app. A restart will refresh the software and fix minor technical glitches.


3. Check for updates on your Vizio TV:
  • Select the Menu icon on your Vizio TV and go to 'System' - 'Check for Updates' or 'System Update'.
  • If a software or firmware update is available, install it. Updates often resolve app compatibility and technical issues.
  • Once updated, restart your TV and retry the Redbox app. The update may have fixed the problem.


4. Uninstall and reinstall the Redbox app:
  • Go to the Vizio SmartCast App Marketplace on your TV and select 'Manage Apps'. Locate the Redbox app and select 'Uninstall'. Confirm to uninstall the app.
  • Go back to the Vizio App Marketplace, search for 'Redbox' and reinstall the latest version of the app.
  • Open the Redbox app after it installs and sign in again with your Redbox account. This should refresh the app and resolve any installation related glitches.


5. Clear app data and cache for Redbox:
  • Go to 'Manage Apps' - 'See all apps' on your Vizio TV and locate the Redbox app. Select it.
  • Select 'Clear app data' and then select 'Clear cache'. This will reset the app settings and memory to default.
  • Restart your Vizio Smart TV and open the Redbox app again. Sign in with your Redbox account. Clearing the app data and cache can fix loading and login issues.


6. Reset your Vizio Smart TV to factory settings:
  • Go to 'System' - 'Reset & Admin' or 'Reset' on your Vizio TV. Select 'Reset TV to factory settings'.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm reset. Your TV will restart with factory default settings. Set up your TV again by going through the initial setup prompts.
  • Reinstall the Redbox app and sign in again. A hard reset can resolve software issues preventing the app from working.


7. Check Redbox service status:
  • On another device like your phone or computer, visit to check if there are any ongoing outages with the Redbox streaming service.
  • If Redbox is experiencing technical issues, the Redbox app on your Vizio TV will not function until service is restored. You will have to try using the app again later.


8. Ensure correct Redbox login:
  • Open the Redbox app on your Vizio TV and enter your Redbox account username and password.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct, current login credentials for your Redbox account. Wrong or outdated login details can prevent the app from loading content.
  • If needed, reset your Redbox password on and then enter the new updated password in the Redbox app on your TV.


9. Check parental controls:
  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Parental controls' on your Vizio TV. Ensure any content blocking or app restrictions are disabled.
  • Parental controls can sometimes block third party streaming apps unintentionally. Disabling restrictions may resolve issues with loading the Redbox app.


10. Disable WiFi range extender (if you are using one):
  • Temporarily unplug or turn off any WiFi range extenders to disable them. Range extenders can sometimes interfere with streaming apps.
  • Connect your Vizio TV directly to your WiFi network. Open the Redbox app again to see if it now works properly without any range extender enabled.
  • If the problem resolves with the range extender disabled, you may need to adjust its placement or settings. Or use WiFi powerline adapters instead which provide a more stable network connection for streaming.


11. Disable Vizio TV sleep timer and auto power off:
  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Timer' or 'Auto power off' on your Vizio TV. Turn the sleep timer and auto power off options to 'Off' or disable them.
  • These energy saving features can interfere with streaming apps working properly. Disabling them may resolve issues with loading or using the Redbox app.


12. Delete and re-enter Redbox login info:
  • Open the Redbox app on your TV and go to the sign in option. Delete any saved Redbox username or password info if prompted.
  • Sign in again with your Redbox account email address and current password. Enter the info manually instead of syncing saved login credentials.
  • Saved sign in info in the app can become outdated and needs to be re-entered. Doing so may fix login issues that are preventing the Redbox app from fully loading.


13. Enable Unknown Sources option:
  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Security & restrictions' or 'Unknown sources' on your Vizio TV. Turn on 'Allow installation of apps from unknown sources'.
  • The Redbox app may fail to install or update properly if unknown sources is disabled. Enabling the setting will resolve this and allow the Redbox app to function.


14. Cast from Redbox mobile app instead:
  • Open the Redbox mobile app on your phone or tablet instead of using the TV app directly. Browse and play content on your device.
  • Select the option to cast the content to your Vizio Smart TV. If casting works OK, it indicates an issue specifically with the Redbox app on your TV that will need to be troubleshooted further.
  • You may be able to use casting as a temporary workaround until you resolve problems with loading the Redbox app on your Vizio TV directly.


15. Disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth:
  • Make sure any Bluetooth speakers, keyboards or other Bluetooth devices are turned off and disconnected from your Vizio TV. Bluetooth connectivity issues can interfere with streaming apps.
  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Remotes & devices' and unpair or forget any Bluetooth device connected to your TV.
  • Restart your Vizio TV and reconnect your Bluetooth devices. Relinking the Bluetooth connection may resolve any streaming app difficulties.
  • Try the Redbox app again after reconnecting Bluetooth to see if the problem is now fixed.


16. Switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi:
  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Network' on your Vizio TV. Select your WiFi network name and open 'Advanced options'.
  • Choose either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi band. The 5GHz band typically provides faster speeds but lower range. 2.4GHz offers wider range but can be more prone to interference.
  • Experiment by switching between 2.4GHz and 5GHz to see which WiFi frequency allows the Redbox app to function properly on your Vizio TV. Streaming apps can work better on one particular WiFi band.


17. Install latest Vizio SmartCast app for updates:
  • On your phone or tablet, open the Vizio SmartCast app. This app allows you to control and update your Vizio Smart TV.
  • In the Vizio SmartCast app, check if any system software or app updates are available for your specific Vizio TV model. If so, install available updates.
  • Updates delivered through the SmartCast mobile app will resolve technical issues and refresh your Vizio TV software to the latest version. Updates can fix problems with streaming apps like the Redbox app not working.
  • Try using the Redbox app again after installing any available TV updates. The update may have corrected the issue.


18. Disable HDMI CEC on Vizio TV and audio devices:
  • HDMI Consumer Electronics Control or CEC can sometimes interfere with streaming apps on Vizio Smart TVs. It needs to be disabled.
  • On your Vizio TV, go to 'Settings' - 'System' - 'HDMI CEC' and turn 'HDMI control' to 'Off'.
  • On any Home Theater audio receivers or soundbars connected via HDMI to your TV, also disable 'HDMI CEC' options or any options mentioning TV or 'System control'.
  • With CEC features disabled on your TV and audio equipment, open the Redbox app again to see if it now functions properly. CEC interference may have been preventing the app from working.


19. Hard reset Vizio TV as last resort:
  • If all other troubleshooting steps have not resolved issues with loading the Redbox app, you may need to perform a hard reset of your Vizio TV. This will reset your TV back to factory settings and clear all data & preferences.
  • With your TV on, unplug the power cable from the wall outlet for 5 minutes. Plug it back in.
  • Press and hold the 'Input' and 'Volume Down' keys on your TV remote simultaneously for 5-10 seconds until the screen goes black. Your TV will now begin hard resetting.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your TV like new. Reinstall the Redbox app and any other apps and set up your preferences again from scratch. A hard reset wipes everything to possibly fix software errors that regular troubleshooting did not address.
  • Try the Redbox app again now - it should be working properly since your TV has been restored back to a clean default state of functioning.


20. Contact Vizio support for further help:
  • If the Redbox app still does not work on your Vizio TV after trying all the above steps, you will need to contact official Vizio support for additional troubleshooting.
  • Visit or call Vizio phone support. Provide details about your Vizio TV model and the issues you are experiencing with the Redbox app not loading or functioning.
  • Vizio support specialists may be able to diagnose and fix the problem remotely or determine if service is needed. They can also check if there are any known software bugs currently affecting the Redbox app that engineers are working to resolve.