The Criterion Channel app offers a great collection of classic and contemporary films for streaming on various platforms including Samsung Smart TVs. However, sometimes the Criterion app may not work properly or crash on Samsung TVs. 

A few possible causes for this issue includes Outdated app, Error during app installation, Wi-Fi network issues, Samsung TV software issues, TV System storage issues, Samsung TV hardware issues, In-app purchase errors, Restricted account, Cache issues and even Regional restrictions.


Here at Smart Home Apt, we shall look at a few effective tips you can try to fix the Criterion app not working on your Samsung Smart TV.


How to fix Criterion App Not Working on Samsung Smart TV ?


1. Ensure that your Samsung TV is compatible with Criterion

Samsung smart TVs from 2018 and onward, powered by Tizen OS, are compatible with the Criterion app. To find out the year and OS version on your Samsung TV, please visit their website

If your Samsung TV is older than 2018, you may need to replace the TV or purchase a streaming stick as a more affordable and simpler alternative.

You can watch Criterion on any TV, be it a smart TV or not, easily by using either a Fire TV Stick or a Roku streaming stick. Both of these devices are simple to install and they come with all the major streaming apps.


2. Restart or Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

App issues can frequently be attributed to TV software failures. As is the case with many software glitches, the optimal remedy is to turn it off and then on again.

Hitting the power button on your remote won't shut the TV off completely, but instead it will put it into a standby mode and won't force a restart of the app that is currently running. The only way to restart the apps on your Samsung TV is to restart the TV entirely. 

A Samsung TV can be restarted in two different ways.


To Restart your TV using the remote:
  • Ensure that your TV is not in standby mode and press the power button on your remote. 
  • Hold down the power button until the television turns back on. 
  • Afterwards, press the Home button and launch Criterion app which you desired to restart.


To Restart your TV manually:
  • Disconnect the power cable from the wall socket or surge protector.
  • Delay two minutes.
  • Plug the TV power cable in and power it on.
  • Hit the Home button.
  • Pick Criterion app you wanted to restart.


It may be useful to have these instructions on hand; a restart can often fix a lot of TV problems.


3. Test the Speed of Your Internet

Buffering problems with Criterion and other video and streaming apps can be a consequence of slow internet. In some instances, the speed and reliability of your internet may be inadequate to even establish a connection to the Criterion servers.

To make sure your TV has the best internet connection, you can do an internet speed test on either your computer or phone, provided both devices are on the same network. If you are using your phone, make sure mobile data is turned off and you are connected only to Wi-Fi.

In order to stream standard content, you need a minimum speed of 3-4 Mbps and for HD streaming, you will need a minimum of 5-8 Mbps. 

If your speed is lower than that, then you will have to: 

  • Examine potential sources of interference (e.g., numerous walls between your router and television).
  • Reboot your router and modem (refer to the following segment).
  • Get in touch with your internet provider to determine if network issues exist or if an upgrade is required.


4. Reboot your router and modem

In most cases, the issue is with your local Wi-Fi network instead of your TV or the Criterion app.

Rather than attempting to identify and fix all possible network issues, it's more efficient to simply restart your network. Doing this regularly, say once a month, will help ensure that your network runs optimally. 

Before going ahead, make certain that nobody in your house is on the internet right now. The reboot will lead to a five minute break of all network and internet connections.

To get started:

  • Unplug the power cables from both your modem and router.
  • Then, then wait 30 seconds before plugging them back in. 
  • Allow several minutes for the modem and router to power up before beginning.


After your TV has reconnected to the network, try using the Criterion app. If your network speeds were slow when you checked them, now is a good moment to run another test. Restarting your router can often increase your speeds temporarily, yet it won't correct all underlying issues.


5. Perform Samsung TV Firmware Update

Firmware updates can be a useful way of addressing TV app issues, similar to app updates. 

Samsung smart TVs update by themselves, yet there is a feature to manually prompt a firmware update if the automated system doesn't work. This is an advantage that is beneficial to have, even though it is not always necessary.

To do this:

  • Using the remote control of your Samsung TV, press the Home button to open the smart hub. 
  • Go to Settings in the menu.
  • Then select the Software Update tab. 
  • After that, click Update Now and wait for the download to finish. 
  • Finally, follow the instructions on the screen to install the update.


After updating the firmware, give the Criterion app another go.


6. Purge the Cache of Your Criterion App

Samsung TVs offer an alternative to reinstalling apps: you can clear an app's cache. It's similar to deleting your internet browser's cookies, and it's usually enough to get rid of any issues with the app.

To start the process:

  • Use your remote to press the Home button on your Samsung TV to open the smart hub. 
  • Then, choose Settings from the smart hub menu.
  • Select the Apps tab, and go to System Apps
  • You will see the Criterion app - click it and select Clear Cache
  • Finish by pressing OK to confirm.


7. Delete and Install the Criterion App again

To fully reinstall an app, you must delete it and start from the beginning. Clearing the cache may help, but if that does not work, a full reinstall is the only option.


To delete the Criterion app:
  • Using your Samsung TV remote, press the Home button.
  • Then use the on-screen menu to select Apps, followed by Settings
  • Navigate to the Criterion App and select Delete.
  • Then press Delete in the pop-up to confirm.


To reinstall the Criterion app:
  • Use the Samsung TV remote to press the Home button.
  • Then choose Apps from the on-screen menu. 
  • Find the Search icon, which resembles a magnifying glass, in the Apps screen. 
  • Now, Type "Criterion" in the search box.
  • Press the Install button.


To use the Criterion app again, you need to reenter your login details as the details from the prior install will not be kept.


8. Turn Off Your VPN if applicable

If you use a virtual private network (VPN), this step applies to you. If you are unfamiliar with what a VPN is, then it is safe to assume you aren't using one. 

If a VPN has been blocked by Criterion, users may not be able to gain access to streaming content. To figure out if this is the case, it is suggested to turn off the VPN and retry the connection. This is a common issue that video apps and streaming services attempt to prevent with their VPN blocking.


9. Try using Criterion on a Different Device

Before we go down the route of our most extreme option, let's look into how common this problem is. Try accessing Criterion on your computer or any other device in your network.

If Criterion does not function properly on your TV, but it does work on other devices, then it is time to get in touch with Samsung support .

In the event that Criterion is not operating on any of your devices, the difficulty could be with your Criterion account or with Criterion's servers.


10. Determine the status of the Criterion Server

Utilizing, you can ascertain if anyone else around you is facing any difficulty with Criterion. As a rule, Criterion failures tend to be local and can be solved promptly.

If you can’t find anything on, it's probably time to contact Criterion support for a more up-to-date information.


11. Perform Samsung TV Factory Reset 

All of the simple solutions have been attempted, now it's time to try one more thing: a factory reset. Doing this will cause your TV to delete all of the settings and app data, including those associated with the Criterion app, though it could be what is needed to get your streaming app to work properly.

To reset your Samsung TV:

  • Press the Home button on your remote control to open the Smart Hub.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Select General (or Support > Self Diagnosis).
  • Next, select Reset and enter your pin or 0000 if asked.
  • Finally, click OK to confirm.


Now, Give the Criterion app one more attempt. This should have eliminated any software or firmware issues that were stopping Criterion from functioning on your Samsung TV.


How can I watch The Criterion Channel on my Samsung Smart TV ?

Unlock the power of your Samsung Smart TV and start streaming The Criterion Channel. Sign up, download, install, and get streaming - we'll show you how. Plus, discover how to optimize your streaming experience with The Criterion Channel.


Instructions for signing up and downloading The Criterion Channel on Samsung Smart TV

With Samsung Smart TV, you can access the Criterion Channel right away. Additionally, if you have an Apple AirPlay-enabled model from 2018 or later, you can stream the content to your TV.


1. To stream the Criterion Channel app on a Samsung Smart TV:
  • If you want to join The Criterion Channel, just click here
  • Afterward, head to your Samsung Smart TV's Home Screen. 
  • From there, you can access the app store and look for "The Criterion Channel" in the search bar.
  • To start watching The Criterion Channel on Samsung Smart TV, choose the "Add to Home" button to get the app installed. 
  • Afterwards, enter your Criterion Channel account information to log in.


2. Via Apple AirPlay
  • To sign up for The Criterion Channel, click here.
  • Then, Install the The Criterion Channel iPhone/iPad app.
  • Log in using your The Criterion Channel account credentials. 
  • Make certain that your Smart TV and iPhone/iPad are sharing the same Wi-Fi network. 
  • Open up The Criterion Channel app and tap the AirPlay icon. 
  • After selecting your Samsung Smart TV, the content will begin to play on your Smart TV's display.


Note: Ensure that if you possess a compatible TV and fail to find AirPlay as an option, you update to the most recent Samsung Smart TV firmware.


In fact, the steps above should resolve the Criterion Channel app not working on your Samsung Smart TV and get you back to enjoying the classic films on the streaming service. 


Here are 21 possible fixes for the Criterion app not working on Samsung Smart TV:


1. Restart your Samsung Smart TV:
  • Unplug the power cable from the back of your Samsung TV for 2-3 minutes.
  • Plug the cable back in to restart your TV.
  • Wait for the TV to fully boot up, open the Criterion Channel app and check if it is working now.


2. Update the Criterion Channel app:
  • Launch the Apps or Samsung TV Plus screen on your TV and locate the Criterion Channel app
  • Select the app to open its info page. See if there is an option to 'Update' the app.
  • If an update is available, select to update the app and wait for it to download and install.
  • Once updated, open the Criterion app again to see if it now works properly.


3. Update your Samsung TV firmware:
  • Go to Settings - Support or Update on your Samsung TV.
  • Select 'Software Update' or 'Update Now'. Your TV will check for the latest firmware update.
  • If an update is found, select 'Download' or 'Install Now' to update your TV.
  • Wait for your TV to download, install and restart. Then try using the Criterion app again.


4. Reinstall the Criterion Channel app:
  • Go to the Apps or Samsung TV Plus screen, locate the Criterion Channel app tile.
  • Use the remote to highlight the app tile, then press and hold the Select button.
  • Choose 'Delete' or 'Uninstall' to remove the Criterion app. Confirm if prompted.
  • Once the app has been deleted, select the Search or Apps option to search for 'Criterion Channel'.
  • Re-download and install the Criterion Channel app.
  • Open the newly installed app to check if it is now working properly.


5. Restart your Wi-Fi router:
  • Locate your Wi-Fi router and unplug its power cable to turn it off.
  • Wait for 2 minutes then plug the power cable back in to restart your router.
  • Give the router a few minutes to fully start back up.
  • On your Samsung TV, try opening the Criterion Channel app again to check if the issue is now resolved.


6. Reset your Samsung TV to factory settings:
  • Go to Settings - Support - Self Diagnosis - Reset Smart Hub on your Samsung TV.
  • Select 'Reset' and confirm when prompted to reset your TV to factory settings.
  • Your TV will reboot and go through the initial setup again. Make sure to connect to the internet and log in to or sign up for streaming services.
  • Once setup is complete, check if the Criterion Channel app is now working properly on your TV.


7. Free up storage space on your Samsung TV:
  • Go to Settings - Support - Device Care - Storage on your Samsung TV.
  • Check the 'Used/Total' storage and see if it is nearing full capacity. If so, you may need to free up space.
  • Select 'Clear cache' to delete temporary data and cached data from apps. Then try the Criterion app again.
  • You can also uninstall unused apps, delete recorded shows or do a hard reset as additional steps to free up more storage.


8. Check your Wi-Fi signal and bandwidth:
  • On your Samsung TV, go to Settings - Network - View Network Status to check your Wi-Fi signal strength. It should be at least 50-60% for streaming.
  • You can also check your internet bandwidth through the Network Status screen or by running an internet speed test on another device. For 4K streaming 100Mbps is recommended.
  • If your Wi-Fi signal or bandwidth seems low, try moving your router closer to your TV, switching to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band or contacting your ISP regarding any bandwidth issues.


9. Use an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi:
  • Connect an ethernet cable to your Wi-Fi router and plug the other end into the LAN port on the back of your Samsung TV.
  • Go to Settings - Network on your TV and select 'Wired' network. Your TV will now use the wired ethernet connection.
  • Try opening the Criterion Channel app to check if it now works properly when using a wired internet connection instead of Wi-Fi.


10. Check for Wi-Fi interference and reposition your router:
  • Wi-Fi signals can be disrupted by interference from household electronics like microwaves, cordless phones, etc.
  • Try to identify and turn off any potential sources of interference near your Wi-Fi router. See if the Criterion app works better with them off.
  • You may also need to reposition your Wi-Fi router farther away from any interfering devices. Try moving it higher up or to another location.


11. Make sure you have a stable internet connection:
  • Test if other internet connected devices like tablets or smartphones are able to stream video without issues. If not, you may have an unstable ISP or modem connection.
  • Contact your internet service provider regarding any regional outages or disruptions in service that could be impacting your connectivity.
  • You can also try restarting your modem by turning it off for a few minutes before turning it back on. See if your internet connection seems more stable and if the Criterion app works after doing this.


12. Set a static IP address for your Samsung TV:
  • Go to Settings - Network - IP Settings on your Samsung TV and select 'Static' instead of 'Dynamic' IP.
  • Work with your router's settings to manually set an IP address for your TV outside of the router's DHCP range. Also set the netmask, gateway and DNS.
  • A static IP address can help provide a stable network connection for streaming devices. Check if setting a static IP impacts the Criterion Channel app.


13. Make sure you are using an authorized Samsung remote control:
  • Third-party universal remotes may not properly support all functions on your Samsung TV, potentially impacting some streaming apps.
  • Try using the original Samsung remote that came with your TV to open and navigate the Criterion Channel app. See if the issue seems to be resolved when using the Samsung remote instead of a third-party remote.


14. Check Criterion Channel for any service outages:
  • Visit the Criterion Channel's Twitter page or website at to check if there are any reported service outages or other issues currently impacting the streaming service.
  • If temporary service issues seem to match up with when you first noticed problems accessing the Criterion app on your Samsung TV, the issues should resolve once the network problems have been fixed on Criterion's end.


15. Check if your Samsung TV model supports the Criterion Channel app:
  • Visit the Criterion Channel website to view their list of supported Samsung TV models.
  • Check if your specific Samsung TV model number is listed as compatible. If not, your TV may be too old to run the Criterion streaming app.


16. Check for any restrictions on your Samsung account that may be blocking the Criterion app:
  • Go to Settings - Security & Privacy on your Samsung TV to view a list of restrictions and account permission settings.
  • Make sure the Criterion app is not being blocked by any content restrictions, maturity ratings controls or account level blocks that may have been enabled.
  • You may need to enter your Samsung account password to make changes to these settings. Disable any blocks that could be preventing the Criterion app from streaming.


17. Make sure you have a valid Criterion Channel subscription and can access their website:
  • Try accessing on a smartphone, tablet or computer to sign in to your Criterion Channel account.
  • Check if your subscription is still active and paid. Cancellation of your subscription or billing issues can also cause streaming apps to stop working.
  • Contact Criterion Channel support to reactivate your account or fix any payment issues if needed.


18. Try using a different HDMI port for your Samsung TV:
  • The HDMI port you are using to connect your TV to the internet may have become defective or damaged over time.
  • Switch to using a different HDMI port to connect your streaming devices, cable modem or other internet equipment to your Samsung TV.
  • See if the Criterion app starts working properly when using an alternate HDMI input on your TV. If so, you may need service to repair or replace the bad HDMI port.


19. Perform a power reset on your Samsung TV:
  • Unplug the power cable from the back of your Samsung TV for 1 full minute.
  • While the cable is unplugged, press and hold the power button on the TV for several seconds to drain any residual power.
  • Plug the power cable back in, wait a few minutes then turn your TV back on.
  • Once fully booted up, check if the issue with the Criterion Channel app has been resolved.


20. Enable debug/diagnostics mode to check for error codes:
  • On your Samsung TV remote, press the following sequence of buttons to enable diagnostics mode: Mute, 8, 2, 4, Power.
  • Check if any error codes related to software, Wi-Fi or other connectivity issues are displayed on the diagnostics screen.
  • Note down the specific error codes and contact Samsung TV support to help resolve the issues identified.


21. Contact Samsung service for hardware issues:
  • If the problem persists and you continue to have issues exclusively with the Criterion app, it could indicate a hardware fault with components inside your Samsung TV.
  • You may need to schedule a service call with Samsung TV support to have a technician inspect and test your TV to properly diagnose and repair any hardware defects.