The Fox Sports app is a great way to stay connected to your favorite sports. With the built-in app on the Vizio TV, you can easily access live games, highlights, news, and more. 

However, Many users have reported issues with getting the Fox Sports app to work properly on their TVs. The app may crash frequently, fail to load, or show an error message. 

Here at Smart Home APT, we shall look into a few things you can try to fix the Fox Sports app on your Vizio TV.



How to resolve Fox Sports App Not Working on Vizio TV ?

1. Ensure That Your Vizio TV Is Compatible With Fox Sports

If you have an older Vizio SmartCast TV, the Fox Sports app won't be compatible. However, you can still watch Fox Sports by purchasing a streaming stick, which is a much more cost-effective and simpler solution than replacing the TV.

You can enjoy Fox Sports on any TV, whether it is a smart TV or otherwise, by adding either a Fire TV Stick or a Roku streaming stick. Both of these devices are simple to use and contain all of the major streaming apps.


2. Restart or Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

If you're having issues with an app, it's often due to a random software glitch. To fix it, try the classic solution of turning the TV off and then on again.

Pressing the power button on your Vizio TV won't actually reboot it; rather, it will put the device into standby mode. This feature helps the TV to turn on more quickly, but it can result in software problems accumulating over time.

To reboot your Vizio TV fully:

  • Unplug it from the wall.
  • Wait two minutes.
  • Then plug it back in and turn it on.


Give the Fox Sports app another try. You may want to save these instructions for future reference; restarting your TV often resolves many common issues.


3. Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Slow or unreliable internet can cause buffering problems with Fox Sports and other video streaming apps. In some cases, it may be too slow or unreliable to even connect to the Fox Sports servers.

To determine your internet speed, you can run an Internet Speed Test on your computer or phone. Connect the device to the same network as your TV, and for your phone, turn off mobile data and only connect to Wi-Fi.

To ensure optimal streaming, you must have internet speeds of at least 3–4 Mbps for regular streaming and 5–8 Mbps for HD. If your speeds are lower, you will need to take the below action to improve it:

  • Investigate any potential sources of interference that may be affecting your router and TV connection, such as too many walls between the two devices. 
  • Try restarting the router and modem as explained in the next step.
  • Contact your internet provider to see if there are any network problems or if an upgrade needs to be completed.


4. Restart the router and modem

On many occasions, the fault lies in your home Wi-Fi connection rather than your television set or the Fox Sports app.

Rather than attempt to identify and troubleshoot every possible network issue, it’s more efficient to simply restart the entire network. This should be done regularly, at least once a month, to ensure optimal functioning.

Before beginning, ensure that no one in your home is presently using the internet. When going through this process, all network and internet connections will be temporarily disabled for approximately five minutes during the reboot.

Alright, let's begin.

  • Disconnect the power cables from your modem and router.
  • Allow thirty seconds to pass.
  • Reconnect the power cables.
  • Allow several minutes for your modem and router to reboot.


Once your TV is reconnected to the network, give the Fox Sports app a try. If your network speeds were sluggish when you tested them previously, now is an ideal time to run another test. 

Restarting your router may temporarily enhance your speeds, but it won't solve all potential issues.


5. Perform Vizio TV Firmware Update

Firmware updates can often resolve issues with your TV apps, much like app updates.

Vizio smart TVs feature an auto-update option, but you can also manually initiate a firmware update if needed. Even though this is not necessary, it is beneficial to have in case the auto-update is disabled or fails without notice.

To update your TV:

  • Press the V button or home button on your remote.
  • Select System from the menu.
  • Press "Check for Updates" and wait for your TV to check. 
  • If an update is available, confirm the installation.


After updating the firmware, give the Fox Sports application another go.


6. Clear the Cache on Your Fox Sports App

Vizio TVs that are more recent models offer an option to clear an app's cache even if they do not permit upgrading or deleting apps.

This is comparable to deleting the cookies in your web browser, which is often an effective solution to random issues with the app.

To do this:

  • Press the or Home button on your remote.
  • Then navigate to System in the menu. 
  • From there, go to Apps and select System Apps, followed by the Fox Sports app. 
  • Click Clear Cache and press OK to finish.

Give the Fox Sports app another shot.


7. Turn Off VPN if applicable

If you are utilizing a VPN, this step is for you. Otherwise, you can disregard it. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a VPN, it's likely that you are not utilizing one.

Most video applications and streaming services strive to block VPN usage. If Fox Sports has managed to restrict your particular VPN, it's probable that you will not be able to access your streaming content.

To find out, the simplest method is to turn off your VPN and reattempt to use Fox Sports app.


8. Try Fox Sports on a Different Device

If you're having trouble accessing Fox Sports on your TV, first try opening the app on your computer or other devices on your network. If it works on other devices but not your TV, you should Contact Vizio support. However, if Fox Sports isn't working on any of your devices, the issue may be related to your Fox Sports account or the Fox Sports servers.


9. Find out the status of the Fox Sports server

Downdetector can be utilized to determine if other people in your vicinity are experiencing difficulties with Fox Sports. Generally, Fox Sports interruptions are localized and can be resolved promptly.

If you can't find anything on Downdetector, it's probably time to contact Fox Sports support or their Official Support Twitter page for a more up-to-date information.


10. Perform Vizio TV Factory Reset

It's time to give one last option a shot: a factory reset. This will wipe out all the TV settings, including those for the Fox Sports app, but it could solve the streaming app issues.

To do this:

  • Press the V button or the home button on your remote.
  • Then select System from the menu. 
  • Go to Reset & Admin and click Reset TV to Factory Defaults
  • Enter the default parental code password of 0000, if you have not set it to something else, and press Reset
  • Wait a few minutes for the TV to fully reset and come back on.


Give the Fox Sports app one final try. This should have addressed any software or firmware issues that were preventing it from running on your Vizio TV.


In fact, there are a few common steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix issues with the Fox Sports app not working on your Vizio TV. 

  • Keeping the app and your TV firmware up to date is the first place to start. 
  • Restarting the app and rebooting your Vizio TV can refresh the system and get the app functioning again. 
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the Fox Sports app is a more comprehensive fix for any software issues preventing the app from loading or streaming properly.
  • Checking for any reported service status issues with the Fox Sports servers can also help determine if the problems you're experiencing are due to temporary technical issues on Fox Sports' end or problems specific to your device.

Following these basic troubleshooting procedures should help resolve most problems with getting the Fox Sports app working on your Vizio Smart TV. If issues continue to persist, you may need to perform a factory reset of your TV to default settings and start over to clear up any software glitches. 


Here are 21 possible causes for the Fox Sports app not working on Vizio TV:


1. Outdated Fox Sports app - The app version needs to be updated to the latest version to work properly with Vizio TV software and firmware.


2. Outdated Vizio TV firmware - Old firmware contains bugs that can cause app issues. Update to the latest firmware to fix compatibility problems.


3. Restart needed - The Fox Sports app or Vizio TV needs to be restarted to refresh temporary software issues.


4. Reinstallation of Fox Sports app required - The app installation has become corrupted and needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.


5. Vizio TV software glitch - A minor glitch with the Vizio TV operating system is preventing the Fox Sports app from working properly until a reboot is performed.


6. Vizio TV hardware issue - There may be an issue with the Vizio TV hardware like Wi-Fi/internet connectivity, memory problem or video card that is causing the Fox Sports app to malfunction.


7. Internet connectivity problem - An issue with your internet connection or the Vizio TV connecting to the network is interrupting the Fox Sports app service.


8. Fox Sports app server issue - Temporary technical issues or maintenance on the Fox Sports servers is preventing the app from loading or streaming on Vizio TVs.


9. High demand period - The Fox Sports app may experience streaming issues or interruptions during peak periods of high viewership for major sports events.


10. Vizio account login failed - There may be a problem with logging into your Vizio account to authenticate the Fox Sports app.


11. Fox Sports login failed - Issues logging into the Fox Sports app with your account information will prevent streaming.


12. Parental control restrictions - If parental controls are enabled for the Fox Sports app on your Vizio TV, it may block streaming until a PIN is entered.


13. Default settings need reset - Resetting the Vizio TV to factory default settings may fix software issues causing the Fox Sports app to malfunction.


14. Faulty HDMI cable - Issues with the HDMI cable connecting the Vizio TV and another device like a cable box or streaming player can interfere with the Fox Sports app.


15. External device software issue - Outdated software or firmware on a streaming device, cable box or other external device connected to the Vizio TV may be causing problems with the Fox Sports app.


16. Network interference - Local network interference from other Wi-Fi signals or electronics can disrupt connectivity with the Fox Sports app.


17. App data corruption - Corrupted installation or update data for the Fox Sports app needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled to fix issues.


18. Account syncing problem - There may be an issue syncing data like viewing history, favorites and recommendations between the Fox Sports app and your account.


19. Open app needs closed - Other apps running in the background of the Vizio TV need to be closed to free up resources for the Fox Sports app.


20. Third-party app conflict - Another third-party app installed on your Vizio TV may be causing interference with the Fox Sports app. Uninstall any suspicious new apps.


21. Service provider account issues - Problems with your cable, satellite or streaming TV provider account that offers Fox Sports channels and authentication for the app can cause streaming issues or block access. Contact your provider for help.



Here are 5 effective fixes for the Fox Sports app not working on Vizio TV:


1. Update the Fox Sports app and Vizio TV firmware. Outdated software is one of the most common causes of app issues. Download and install the latest update for the Fox Sports app and your Vizio TV model to update to the newest version with the latest fixes for any bugs or glitches.


2. Restart the Fox Sports app, Vizio TV and external devices. Completely closing the Fox Sports app, power cycling your Vizio TV and any external devices like streaming players or cable boxes connected to it will refresh temporary software hang ups. Leave all devices unplugged for 2 minutes before starting everything back up.


3. Uninstall and reinstall the Fox Sports app. If updating the app doesn't work, completely uninstalling it and then redownloading the latest version from the Vizio App Store may fix any corrupt installation or update files causing issues. Make sure to restart your TV after uninstalling before reinstalling the app.


4. Reset your Vizio TV to factory default settings. Resetting your TV to default settings will clear the system cache, operating memory, and remove any confused settings that could be interfering with the Fox Sports app. Go to the Reset & Admin menu and select "Reset TV to Factory Default Settings." You may need to re-enter any user profiles, passwords or network information after the reset.


5. Contact Fox Sports and Vizio support for additional help. If the Fox Sports app problems continue, there may be a technical issue on the back end that needs troubleshooting. Contact Fox Sports app support through to report any errors or check for reported service status issues. You can also reach out to Vizio TV support to troubleshoot any software or connectivity problems on the Vizio device side of things or learn about replacement parts options if there's a hardware problem. Support agents will be able to provide additional in-depth fixes and steps tailored to your specific situation.